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April 04 2014

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March 31 2014

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March 09 2014

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March 04 2014

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February 18 2014

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February 12 2014

Romain Laurent’s Absurd And Laugh-Out-Loud Animated Portraits Will Make Your Day





If you are hating your Monday morning, do yourself and favor and looks through these gifs- they will make your day! Not only will they make you laugh, but you will also relate to them.  I’m sure you are slapping your face away on your way to work this morning. Wake up, sleepy !

These ironic, hilarious, and surreal animated portraits are part of commercial photographer Romain Laurent‘s photography challenge. Laurent’s desire to break the routine (of working on commercial photography) ended up on a quest to create silly-looking looped animated portrait each week since last September. He says the bizarre and often laugh-out-loud experiments are a low-pressure way to experiment and be creative without expectations.

“As far as the intention of the series, it’s a way for me to explore a hybrid medium, experiment and being spontaneous while still sticking to a short weekly deadline. There isn’t a common concept between each loop, I just ‘go with the flow’ and see what comes to my mind each week.”

You can keep up with Laurent’s weekly animated portraits on his Tumblr. (via Colossal)

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February 10 2014

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KRYZYS DWUDZIESTOLATKA: Okres zapaści umysłowej występującej między dwudziestym a trzydziestym rokiem życia, często spowodowany niezdolnością do znalezienia się poza szkołą i innym otoczeniem o ustalonej strukturze i powiązany z uzmysłowieniem sobie samotności jednostki. Często bywa początkiem zainteresowania rytualnym przyjmowaniem substancji farmaceutycznych.
— Coupland.
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February 08 2014

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February 07 2014

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